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FR-792.   Pinot Gris. AC. Sables & Galets. 2015/16. Cave de Turckheim.
There are spicy overtones, with rich full fruit on the palate. The soil structure in Herrenwag (sandy), gives the power and finesse and expresses the “Terroirs D’Alsace”
Per Bottle £12.85                                          Per Case £154.20
FR-530.   Gewurztraminer. AC. Turckheim Reserve. 2016/17. Cave de Turckheim.
A wine with great complexity; full bodied with spice and intense fruit on the finish.
Per Bottle £13.15                                          Per Case £157.80
FR-531.   Gewurztraminer. AC. Grand Cru Brand. 2011/15. Cave de Turckheim.
This is a spicy, elegant and intense wine, with rose petal and lychee notes. A deliciously exotic wine with a lovely balance of ripeness, varietal purity, and finesse.
Per Bottle £17.95                                          Per Case £215.40
FR-374.   Riesling. AC. Turckheim Reserve. 2017/18. Cave de Turkheim.
Powerful citrus notes and floral fruit characters are balanced with great minerality and a crisp finish.
Per Bottle £11.35                                          Per Case £136.20
FR-146.   Pinot Blanc. AC. Turckheim Reserve. 2017/18. Cave de Turckheim.
Exceptional concentration. Stone and lush apple aromas rise from the glass. Long and stylish, with a touch of botrytis.
Per Bottle £9.95                                            Per Case £119.40

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