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FR-016.    Chateau de Costis. Bordeaux. AC. 2016/17. Laurent Mazeau.
A welcome return to our most popular claret. From the Haut Benauge, one of the oldest appellations, the wine is brilliant in appearance, and has a complex blend of soft red fruits on the nose. It is rich, supple and well balanced with soft tannins.
Per Bottle £7.05                                            Per Case £84.60
FR-302.   Chateau Les Aublines. Cotes de Blaye. AC. 2015/16. Chantal Reynaud.
Aromas of red fruits, cherries and prune. The palate is supple and charming with soft tannins, and is well balanced and structured. It is elegant and distinctive with good aging potential.
Per Bottle £7.05                                            Per Case £84.60
FR-200.    Chateau Aney. Cru Bourgeois de Haut Medoc. AC. 2011. Pierre Raimond.
A soft, delicious easygoing wine. The nose shows a delightful mix of quality red fruit and refined, subtle oak. Attractive notes of red currants and spice with rounded tannins on the palate.
Per Bottle £12.55                                          Per Case £150.60
FR-136.   Chateau Aney. Cuvee D’Arnaussan. Haut Medoc.  AC.  2014/15. Pierre Raimond.
Well balanced with a rich, silky, elegant, and oaky palate. Opulent and fruit driven, yet powerful and refined.
Per Bottle £9.70                                            Per Case £116.40
FR-303.  Chateau Laroche Clauzet. Medoc. AC. 2012/15. Unimedoc.
Full bodied and rich in the mouth with spicy overtones of venison and leather.
Per Bottle £9.95                                            Per Case £119.40


FR-304.   Chateau La Fleur Poitou. Lussac Saint Emilion. AC. 2013/14.
There are aromas of cooked fruits, cherry and spices. Full bodied with deep tannins. A powerful yet rich wine, influenced by the judicious use of oak. From the famous Chateau Certan.
Per Bottle £8.90                                            Per Case £106.80
FR-312.    Le Jardin de Chateau Queyron Pindefleurs. Saint Emilion Grand Cru. AC. 2012/13. Chantel and Peter Watts.
A rich nose offers firstly fresh red fruits and then revealing powerful strawberry and blackberry aromas, finishing with soft woody tones. Well-rounded in the mouth with ripe velvet tannins, ending with elegant notes of oak. Well-structured with good length and underpinned with balanced acidity.
Per Bottle £13.65                                          Per Case £163.80
FR-823.   Chateau Cardinal-Villemaurine. Saint Emilion Grand Cru. AC. 2011/12.  J F Carrille.
A classy, intensely coloured wine with a complex nose of roasted almonds and cocoa, and a rich, full palate. Ripe fruit, excellent balance and an aromatic finish.
Per Bottle £19.95                                          Per Case £239.40
FR-305.   Chateau Plince. Pomerol. AC. 2001. Moreau.
Intense ruby colour with aromas of spice, cherries and kirsch. It is complex full and rich pleasing wine. Rounded and well balanced.
Per Bottle £22.95                                          Per Case £275.40


FR-194.   Chateau Duhart Milon. Rothschild. Pauillac. AC.1990.
Typically concentrated Pauillac. A Fourth growth property. Grand Cru Classe 1855. A powerful, purposeful wine with a long-term future.
Per Bottle £POA                                            Per Case £POA
FR-267.   Chateau Lynch Bages. Pauillac. AC.1999.
5th Cru Classe. “Poor man’s Latour” ... not such a bad thing to drink as much of this as any first growth. Complex, rich, supple with good fruit and vanilla.
Per Bottle £POA                                            Per Case £POA
FR-308.  Chateau Pichon Longueville. Pauillac. AC. 2eme Cru Classe. 2012/13.
Dense, full and very long on the finish. Wonderful balance.
Per Bottle £POA                                            Per Case £POA
FR-309.   Reserve de la Comtesse. Pauillac. AC. 2009/11.
Beautiful, dense, dark wine with a fine bouquet of oak and real fruit. Elegant and full bodied.
Per Bottle £46.25                                          Per Case £555.00
FR-370.   Chateau Gloria. Cru Bourgeoise. Saint Julien. AC. 2012/14.
A distinguished noble wine with an exuberant character. Big earthy palate combines with good ripe classic cassis fruit.
Per Bottle £35.75                                          Per Case £429.00
FR-268.   Chateau Ducru Beaucaillou. 2eme Cru Classe. Saint Julien. AC. 1999.
A breathtaking wine which is legendary and inimitable.
Per Bottle £POA                                            Per Case £POA
FR- 249.  Chateau Siran. Labarde Margaux. AC. 2012. Edourd Mailhe.
Powerful, aromatic and long in the mouth with a balanced tannic finish.
Per Bottle £25.75                                          Per Case £309.00
FR-793.   Chateau Haut-Beauséjour. Cru Bourgeois. Saint Estèphe. AC. 2006/11.
The wine is elegant and charming. Fruity with a hint of oak and a long finish.
Per Bottle £21.95                                          Per Case £263.40

Winelist updated April 2018

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