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FR-251.   Champagne Robert. N.V. Brut. Bernard Robert. Voigny. Aube.
Our carefully selected stylish house Champagne offers excellent quality and value. Bottle aged for at least 3 years before disgorgement, it is rich, crisp and stylish. It has never tasted so good!
Per Bottle £22.25                                          Per Case £267.00
FR-251A.               Per Half Bottle £11.95                                 Per Case (24) £286.80
FR-252.   Champagne Robert. N.V. Brut. Rose.
Delicate and elegant with a pleasant nose of red fruits. It has a refreshing palate with a refined and persistent finish.
Per Bottle £23.95                                          Per Case £287.40
FR-642.   Champagne Louis Roederer. Brut Premier. N.V.
A Champagne of outstanding quality, produced in relatively small quantities. It has a classical biscuity style, which is full mouthed with rich creamy flavours. The light, firm and abundant mousse reveals incessant streams of small long-last light bubbles.
Per Bottle £39.99                                          Per Case £479.88
FR-642A.               Per Half Bottle £20.95                                 Per Case (24) £502.80
FR-833.   Champagne Louis Roederer. Cristal Brut. 2002/07
The House of Roederer was established in 1776, and owns 500 acres of vineyards with an average rating of 98% on the “Echelles des Grands Crus”.                                                
Per Bottle £228.00                                        Per Case £2736.00
FR-642R. Champagne Louis Roederer Vintage Brut Rose. 2013.
Per Bottle £62.40                                          Per Bottle £748.80
FR-725.   Champagne Pol Roger. White Foil.  N.V. Brut Reserve. Epernay.
Exhibits a lovely floral bouquet with notes of acacia and honey. It has a persistent mousse of tiny bubbles. Classic Pinot dominated blend showing power and depth of flavours.
Per Bottle £39.99                                          Per Case £479.88
FR-725D. Champagne Pol Roger. White Foil. N.V. Rich Demi-Sec. Epernay.
Per Bottle £39.99                                          Per Case £479.88
FR-829.   Champagne Pol Roger. Vintage Brut Rose. 2006
Per Bottle £83.10                                          Per Case £997.20
FR-830.   Champagne Pol Roger. Cuvee Sir Winston Churchill. 2004/06
Per Bottle £179.40                                        Per Case £2152.80
FR-217.   Champagne Veuve Cliquot. ‘Yellow Label’ Brut N.V.
Per Bottle £44.95                                          Per Case £539.40
FR-298.   Champagne Veuve Cliquot. Vintage Reserve. 2004/08.
Per Bottle £63.00                                          Per Case £756.00
FR-260.   Champagne Dom Perignon. Brut. Vintage. 2006/08.
Per Bottle £162.00                                        Per Case £1944.00
FR-259.   Champagne Moet et Chandon. Brut Imperial. NV.
Per Bottle £39.99                                          Per Case £479.88


FR-005.   Monluc Brut. Vin Sauvage. NV. Methode Traditionelle. Chateau Monluc.
These high-quality wines from Chateau de Monluc represent the very next best thing to real Champagne. Produced using the Champagne method giving good flavours and long-lasting small bubbles. Very well presented. Try it with Pousse Rapiere! Classic Champagne style.
Per Bottle £11.20                                          Per Case £134.40
FR-007.   Monluc Rose Tuilé. Vin Sauvage. NV. Methode Traditionelle. Chateau Monluc.
Very elegant, smooth and fruity. To be enjoyed as an aperitif, through a meal or just for a special treat.
Per Bottle £11.70                                          Per Case £140.40
IT-896.     Prosecco Valdobbiadene Superiore. Luxury Collection. Extra dry. DOCG.  Mionetto.
The selection of the finest grapes produces a straw coloured wine with an unmistakable bouquet of unripe apples with touches of exotic fruits. There is a gentle velvety and fresh flavour with an explosion of subtle perlage. Limited production from the very best plots.
Per Bottle £12.05                                          Per Case £144.60
IT- 042.    Prosecco Pergola. Extra dry. D.O.C. Treviso. La Pieve. Mionetto.
Dry, fresh and clean with a harmonious and pleasantly vivacious palate. It has intense characteristic fragrances of acacia and wisteria flowers. Apples, pears and apricots in a light alcohol style.
Per Bottle £9.50                                            Per case £114.00
IT-726.     Prosecco Spago. Vino Frizzante. DOCG. Valdobbiadene.  Mionetto. 
Stylish light sparkling wine made from 100% Glera (Prosecco) grapes. It has a finish of almonds and is well suited as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to all meals.
Per Bottle £11.50                                          Per Case £138.00
IT-142      Prosecco. DOC. Luxury Collection. Extra dry. Treviso. Mionetto.
Fresh, lively and aromatic with hints of almonds and acacia. There are hints of tropical fruits with a long refreshing finish
Per Bottle £10.90                                          Per Case £130.80
IT-894.     Cuvee Sergio 1887. Luxury Collection. Vino Spumante Extra Dry. DOC. Trentino. Mionetto.
Classic Spumante at its very best. Delicate straw yellow colour with a fragrance of honey and wild apples. Clean, fresh and medium bodied with a constant stream of perles, the distinctive feature of Mionetto Spumante wines.
Per Bottle £10.75                                          Per Case £129.00
IT-894A.                Per Half Bottle £6.30                                   Per Case (12) £75.60
IT-042Q.        Prosecco. Prestige Collection. DOC. Brut. 20cl. Mionetto. Treviso.
IT-043Q.        Spumante. Prestige Collection. DOC. Gran ROSE. 20cl. Mionetto. Treviso.
Per 20cl Bottle £3.60                                   Per Case (24) £86.40

IT-100.     Terre di Giulio. Spumante Prosecco. DOC. Rocca dei Forti. Treviso
Per Bottle £9.50                                            Per Case £114.00
Per 20cl Bottle £3.60                                   Per Case (24) £86.40
IT- 894R. Rosato. Cuvee Sergio 1887. Luxury Collection. Vino Spumante. Extra dry. DOC. Trentino.  Mionetto.
Delightfully intense and balanced acidity with tastes of raspberries and with a rich persistent gentle foam.
Per Bottle £10.75                                          Per Case £129.00
IT-043.     Rosato Vivo Spumante. Extra dry. D.O.C. Veneto. Mionetto.
A very pretty pink colour, with hints of berry fruits and black cherry. On the palate, it is fruity and floral, with a nicely balanced mix of zesty freshness and ripe red fruit character.
Per Bottle £9.50                                            Per case £114.00
IT-164.     Asti Spumante. D.O.C.G. San Silvestro.
Popular high-quality sweet wine. Fresh and full with discreet Moscato flavour.
Per Bottle £11.45                                          Per Case £137.40
SP-022.                   Cava Brut. Castell Llord.  NV. Jaume Serra.
Clean, fresh and sophisticated.
Per Bottle £8.35                                            Per Case £100.20
AU-102.   Sparkling Shiraz. Syn Rouge. NV. Leconfiled. McLaren Vale
A beautifully balanced, creamy sparkling red wine showing lively raspberry and cherry flavours and finishes with a soft and cleansing acidity.  Chill it down, crack it open and enjoy with friends
Per Bottle £13.60                                          Per Case £163.20
NZ-088.   Hunters Miru. NV. Jane Hunter. Marlborough.
Miru is Maori for “bubbles”. Classic Champagne blend, with a trace of ginger spice on the nose and a creamy mousse. Mingling nut, biscuit and fruit flavours in a vintage fizz.
Per Bottle £17.95                                          Per Case £215.40
CH-002.  Cono Sur. Sparkling Brut. NV. Bio Valley.
A stunning combination of Chardonnay, Riesling and Pinot Noir creates a perfect balance between acidity and structure.
Per Bottle £11.40                                          Per Case £136.80
USA-120.                Quartet. NV. Anderson Valley. Roederer.
Made with traditional methods Quartet has ripe grapefruit and lemon aromas followed by a palate of brioche and honeysuckle.
Per Bottle £26.35                                          Per Case £316.20
UK-704.   Camel Valley. Brut. 2015/16. Methode Traditionelle. Cornwall
This is a crisp, fresh sparkler with good fruit and elegant, long lasting bubbles.
Per Bottle £28.20                                          Per Case £338.40
UK-860.   Camel Valley. Pinot Noir Rose. 2017/18. Methode Traditionelle. Cornwall
Per Bottle £29.95                                          Per Case £359.40
UK-650.   Sharpham Estate. Sparkling Brut. 2014. Devon
Elegant and beautifully balanced with a good stream of bubbles
Per Bottle £23.35                                          Per Case £280.20
UK-803.   Knightor Sparkling. Cuvee Classic. Brut. NV. Cornwall
On the nose it is elegant, with light floral aromas, peach and apple like fruit and subtle lees notes.  It has plenty of fruit flavour which, along with its vibrant and fresh mousse, makes for a fuller more jovial style.
Per Bottle £26.75                                          Per Case £321.00

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