The wines of Chile

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CH-024.  Cabernet Sauvignon. Vistamar Brisa. 2018/19. Central Valley.
Outstanding aromas of black fruits which blend with a hint of vanilla. It is a smooth wine with rounded tannins, enhanced with notes of caramel
Per Bottle £6.70                                            Per Case £80.40
CH-395.  Cabernet Sauvignon. 2015/16. Cousino Macul.
A deep red wine of fine structure from thin mountain soil. Intense fruit and complexity are nicely balanced. Dry and gentle and very appetising
Per Bottle £9.60                                            Per Case £115.20
CH-446.  Cabernet Sauvignon. V9. Reserva. 2017/18. Vina Ventisquero. Colchaga Valley.
There are aromas of ripe fruits and vanilla from the ageing in American oak.  A full flavoured, elegant and complex reserva wine with good staying power.
Per Bottle £8.70                                            Per Case £104.40
CH-064.  Cabernet Sauvignon. Antiguas Reservas. 2015/16. Cousino Macul. 
A widely acclaimed wine. Deep brick colour with a powerful varietal and slightly smoky bouquet. Harmonious, rounded and of great character.
Per Bottle £12.75                                          Per Case £153.00
CH-096.  Cabernet Sauvignon. Don Melchor. 2007/09/13. Concha y Toro.
An outstanding single estate wine. Full of character. Excellent body with strong and persistent flavours. Masses of complex tannins in this sought-after cult wine.
Per Bottle £59.10                                          Per Case £354.60                                                (6 bottles in a wooden box)
CH-398.  Cabernet Merlot. Finis Terrae. 2013. Cousino Macul.
From the vineyards best and oldest vines dating back to the 1930s. This wine is made in the classical Bordeaux style from Cabernet and Merlot grapes. It will romance your nose and seduce your mouth with layers of complexity.
Per Bottle £21.45                                          Per Case £128.70                                                (6 bottles in a wooden box)
CH-023.  Merlot. Vistamar Brisa. 2018/19. Central Valley.
Intense aromas overlaid with notes of wood. In the mouth it is fruity with rounded tannins leading to a long finish of mature fruits.
Per Bottle £6.70                                            Per Case £80.40
CH-407.  Merlot. Mountain Range. 2018/19. Concha y Toro.
Soft plumy medium bodied flavours. Easy drinking, succulent and mouth-watering.
Per Bottle £7.60                                            Per Case £91.20
CH-042.    Merlot. Vinoir.  DO. 2018/19. Central Valley. Bodegas De Aguirre.
Rich fruit flavours with a background of violets and wild herbs. Medium bodied with soft sweet tannins and good varietal characters.
Per Bottle £7.00                                            Per Case £84.00
CH-038.  Merlot. Sepia Reserva. Vistamar. 2017/18. Maipo Valley
There is a juicy palate with silky tannins and delicious acidity which follows the pronounced aromas of red fruits, black pepper and delicate hints of coffee and chocolate.
Per Bottle £8.70                                            Per Case £104.40
CH-396.  Merlot. Antiguas Reservas. 2013/15. Cousino Macul. 
From mature vines the wine has a nice deep colour and is rich and concentrated. An aroma of violets and new oak with a fine silky texture. Smooth, rich fruit.
Per Bottle £12.70                                          Per Case £152.40
CH-036.  Malbec. Sepia Reserva. Vistamar. 2018/19. Maipo Valley.
Very expressive aromas of ripe fruits with elegant notes of vanilla. The palate is medium bodied, fruity and complex.
Per Bottle £8.70                                            Per Case £104.40
CH-300.  Malbec. The Brand. 2018/19. Maipo
This intense, juicy red Malbec has a fresh and fruity nose with hints of plums, blackberries and a touch of vanilla from gentle oak ageing. It pairs perfectly with grilled and barbequed meats, as well as pasta, spicy dishes and cheese.
Per Bottle £6.85                                            Per Case £82.20
CH-025.  Pinot Noir. Sepia Reserva. Vistamar. 2018/19. Casablanca Valley.
Expressive aromas of raspberries and red cherries are intertwined with notes of mocha and bitter chocolate. The palate is complex, fresh, elegant and delicate with a fruity and juicy sensation.
Per Bottle £8.70                                            Per Case £104.40
CH-037.  Pinot Noir. Soul of the Andes. Reserva. Ventisquero. 2018/19. Casablanca Valley.
Aromas of fresh red fruits and soft spicy notes. Hints of vanilla from the oak aging. Delicate body with good acidity and smooth tannins.
Per Bottle £9.20                                            Per Case £110.40
CH-019.  Carmenere Reserva. Gran Araucaria. 2017/18. Rancagua. de Aguirre Winery
The wine has a complex nose of bitter chocolate and spicy red fruit. The palate demonstrates dry black fruits and peppers with a deliciously sweet red fruit backbone. Well balanced round and silky.
Per Bottle £8.20                                            Per Case £98.40
CH-022.  Cabernet /Syrah. Vistamar Brisa. 2017/18. Central Valley.
A refreshing and well-balanced wine on the palate, with a medium body and pleasant acidity and persistent fruit flavours.
Per Bottle £6.70                                            Per Case £80.40
CH-021.  Chardonnay. Vistamar Brisa. 2018/19. Central Valley.
The tropical fruit aromas are surrounded by gentle oak. It is fresh and rounded with good intensity of flavours and touches of vanilla and caramel.
Per Bottle £6.70                                            Per Case £80.40
CH-397.  Chardonnay. 2017/18. Cousino Macul.
A remarkable unoaked wine grown on soil rich in limestone; pale, straw, gold in colour; intensely fragrant; dry, fresh, smooth, balanced and complex.
Per Bottle £9.60                                            Per Case £115.20
CH-406.  Chardonnay. Antiguas Reservas. 2016.  Cousino Macul.
Rich buttery Chardonnay with subtle yet sophisticated oak ageing.
Per Bottle £12.30                                          Per Case £147.60
CH-034.  Sauvignon Blanc. Waters Edge. NV.
Fresh and clean with hints of citrus and a fruity finish
Per Bottle £7.00                                            Per Case £84.00
CH-020.   Sauvignon Blanc. Vistamar Brisa.  2018/19. Central Valley.
Expressive aromas of grapefruit and green apple. There is a well-balanced palate which is fresh and fruity, leading to a clean finish.
Per Bottle £6.70                                            Per Case £80.40
CH-399.  Sauvignon Blanc. Mountain Range. 2018/19.  Concha y Toro.
Outstanding Sauvignon bouquet and mouth-watering herbaceous flavours.
Per Bottle £7.60                                            Per Case £91.20
CH-040.  Sauvignon Blanc. Vinoir. 2019/20. Central Valley. Bodegas De Aguirre.
The bouquet is fresh and aromatic with citrus and herb tones. On the palate the wine is light and pleasingly floral. The finish is clean and fresh.
Per Bottle £7.00                                            Per Case £84.00
CH-445.  Sauvignon Blanc. V9. Reserva. 2018/19. Vina Ventisquero. Colchagua Valley.
There are intense aromas of tropical and citrus fruits. A fresh, concentrated wine which is well balanced and persistent.
Per Bottle £8.70                                            Per Case £104.40
CH-850.  Late Harvest Moscatel. 37.5cl. 2016/17. Vistamar. Limari Valley.
There are aromas of white flowers, peach, apricots and quince which carry through to a palate of ripe stone fruits and dried fig flavours. Very concentrated with a great balance of acidity.
Per Half Bottle £6.30                                   Per Case £75.60
CH-879.  Riesling. Isidora. Cousino Macul. 2015/16. Maipo.
Stunning gold medal winning wine with wonderful varietal characters. It exhibits a vivid and zesty bouquet, and an intense fruit balanced palate.
Per Bottle £11.10                                          Per Case £133.20
CH-444.  Viognier. Adobe Reserva. 2018/19.  Emiliana Organic vineyards. Central Valley.
An organic wine with a bouquet of apricot aromas, papaya, honey, and floral notes. Concentrated varietal characters with a refreshing balance of fruit and acidity.
Per Bottle £8.40                                            Per Case £100.80
CH-443.  Gewurztraminer. Adobe Reserva. 2018/19. Emiliana Organic vineyards. Rapel Valley.
An opulently aromatic, spicy organic wine. Full of fresh fragrant fruit. The palate leaves a sweet sensation with delicate acidity
Per Bottle £8.40                                            Per Case £100.80
CH -039. Moscato. Vistamar Brisa. 2018/19. Limari Valley.
Expressive aroma of fruit and flowers, blended with hints of honey. Sweetish in the mouth with a medium body and pleasant acidity. A mouthwatering wine.
Per Bottle £6.70                                            Per Case £80.40

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