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UK-647.   Sharpham Estate. Dart Valley Reserve. 2016/17. Devon.
A dry, light wine, with a fresh character achieved by careful blending of several grape varieties and partial ageing in oak.
Per Bottle £8.95                                            Per Case £107.40
UK-648.   Sharpham Estate. Estate Selection Dry. 2016/17. Devon.
Madeleine Angevine produces this fresh, youthful wine exhibiting excellent balance and length. The fine dry style with its pale lemon colour is very refreshing.
Per Bottle £10.15                                          Per Case £121.80
UK-798.   Camel Valley. Bacchus. 2015/16. Cornwall.
A delicate, floral, fresh and subtle dry white wine. Vibrant with lots of finesse and style.
Per Bottle £11.75                                          Per Case £141.00
UK-800.   Knightor Madeleine Angevine. 2016/17. Cornwall.
Light, clean, crisp and refreshing with a soft finish, and a delicate floral bouquet.
Per Bottle £11.65                                          Per Case £139.80
UK-002.   Trevibban Mill. Harlyn. 2016/17. Cornwall.
Delicate off dry wine with subtle aromas of stone fruit, apples, light honey and vanilla.
Per Bottle £13.50                                          Per Case £162.00
UK-004.   Trevibban Mill. Rock Rose. 2016/17. Cornwall.
Powerful aromas of strawberries and cherries but which is dry with a crisp finish.
Per Bottle £13.50                                          Per Case £162.00

Winelist updated April 2018

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