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GE-271.   RK. Riesling. Qba. 2015/16. Reichsgraf Von Kesselstatt.

Peach, cassis and grapefruit fragrances. Perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. A lively and appealing Riesling.
Per Bottle £10.60                                          Per Case £127.20
GE-594.   Graacher Riesling. Trocken. Qba. 2009/12. Kesselstatt.
Dry with lemon, mint and flintstone. Juicy rich structure.
Per Bottle £12.25                                          Per Case £147.00
GE-595.   Kaseler Nie’chen Riesling. Kabinett. Qmp. 2010/11. Kesselstatt.
A harmony of sweetness, acidity, power and minerals.
Per Bottle £13.95                                          Per Case £167.40
GE-596.   Piesporter Goldtropfchen. Riesling Spatlese. Qmp. 2012/13. Kesselstatt.
Peaches and mango on the nose. Great harmony of fruit and acidity on the palate. An overwhelming experience with a noble sweetness.
Per Bottle £16.95                                          Per Case £203.40
GE-110.   Piesporter Michelsberg. Qba. 2015/16. Schmitt Sohne.
Light, fresh and elegant. Typical crisp Mosel.
Per Bottle £6.25                                            Per Case £75.00


GE-108.   Johannisberger Erntebringer. Riesling Kabinett. Qmp. 2016/17. Wagler.
A pleasantly flowery and complex wine from this most famous village.
Per Bottle £9.95                                            Per Case £119.40
GE-003.   Riesling. Fifty Degrees. Trocken. G.H. von  Mumm. Rheingau. 2015/16.
Intensely elegant and fragrant, reminiscent of ripe peaches, green apples with a hint of citrus fruit. Crisp, lively and refreshing.
Per Bottle £8.75                                            Per Case £105.00


GE-932.   Kreuznacher Kronenberg. Riesling. Kabinett. 2014/15.
Perfectly matured Riesling with elegant fruit and pleasant sweetness.
Per Bottle £7.50                                            Per Case £90.00
GE-002    .               Schlossbockelheimer Kupfergrube Riesling. Auslese. Qmp. 2006.
There wonderful balance between sweet fruit ripeness and acidity. A richly flavoured, elegant Riesling, showing more than a hint of botrytis.
Per Half Bottle £13.95                                 Per Case (12) £167.40
Winelist updated April 2018

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