French house wines - table wines

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FR-125.   Les Terrasses. Grenache Blanc/Sauvignon. IGP. Coteaux de L’Ardeche. 2016/17. Ardechois.    
A fresh bouquet of white flowers and lemon cake. Easy drinking with intensely rich flavours and a minty finish.       
Per Bottle £5.45                                            Per Case £65.40
FR-662.   Gros Manseng. Moelleux. Cotes de Gascogne. IGP. La Grille. 2010/15. Domaine de Monluc.
A fine and elegant wine with a nose of honey and ripe peaches. Supple, sweet and luscious, with clean acidity.
Per Bottle £7.85                                            Per Case £94.20 
FR-111.   Chardonnay. Les Classiques. IGP. Coteaux de L’Ardeche. 2016/17. Vignerons Ardechois.
This aromatic wine has great balance, and flavours characteristic of the regions limestone soils.
Per Bottle £6.30                                            Per Case £75.60
FR-116.   Viognier. Gres du Trias. IGP. Coteaux de L’Ardeche.  2016/17.Vignerons Ardechois.
Delicate tastes of apricot and white flowers, with a bouquet of ripe quince and honey.
Per Bottle £7.45                                            Per Case £89.40
FR-110.    Sauvignon Blanc. Les Classiques. IGP. Coteaux de L’Ardeche.  2016/17. Vignerons Ardechois.
From the Rhone valley this is a pale green wine with mint and exotic fruit flavours. Fresh with a good mineral finish.
Per Bottle £6.05                                            Per Case £72.60
FR-003.   Bergerac Sec. AC. Sauvignon/Semillon. Grand Lanzenac. 2016/17.  Sigoules.
Extremely aromatic and powerful wine, which has a lovely, rounded character and is very refreshing. A medium dry style, with Sauvignon predominant in the long aftertaste.
Per Bottle £5.95                                            Per Case £71.40
FR-002.   Cotes de Bergerac Moelleux. AC. Semillon/Sauvignon. Grand Lanzenac. 2012/13. Sigoules.
This medium sweet wine is easy to drink. Produced from over-ripe grapes, it is rich and full with a good sugar to alcohol balance. Lovely with desserts and blue cheese.
Per Bottle £5.95                                            Per Case £71.40
FR-201.   Picpoul de Pinet. Le Pied Martin. Coteaux du Languedoc. AC. 2016/17. Aujoux.
Very distinctive and a perfect accompaniment to seafood. It is clean, vibrant and refreshing with crisp, zesty notes; a refined wine with delicate minerality.
Per Bottle £7.90                                            Per Case £94.80
FR-076.   Jurancon Sec. AC. Cuvee Marie. 2013/15. Charles Hours.
An assemblage of Gros Manseng and Petit Courbu which is quite deliciously dry, fragrant and refreshing. Totally natural, barrel fermented and beautifully pure.
Per Bottle £13.30                                          Per Case £159.60
FR-102.   Les Terrasses Rose. Grenache/Merlot. IGP. Coteaux de L’Ardeche. 2016/17.Vignerons Ardechois.
Fresh and deliciously dry with hints of violets and berry fruits and an elegant touch of acidity.
Per Bottle  £5.45                                           Per Case £65.40
FR-112.   Gris de Cabernet. Rose. Les Classiques. IGP. Coteaux de L’Ardeche. 2016/17.Vignerons Ardechois.
Bright rose petal hues, with a delicate aromatic bouquet of red fruits, and an elegant dry palate with a fresh balance. Easy drinking.
Per Bottle £6.05                                            Per Case £72.60
FR-004.   Bergerac Rose. AC. Cabernet/Merlot. Grand Lanzenac. 2016/17. Sigoules.
Beautifully pink-red, this unusually fruity Rose of real class is ideal for those warm summer days. Fresh, crisp and quite dry, with touches of strawberry on the palate.
Per Bottle £5.95                                            Per Case £71.40
FR- 115.  Grenache. Gris d’Ardeche. IGP. Coteaux de L’Ardeche. 2016/17. Vignerons Ardechois.
From the grapevine to your glass, and then flowing over your senses, rekindling memories and awakening emotions, this is where the journey begins. A sensational Rose which transforms any moment into a special one. Perfect as an aperitif or with summer meals.
Per Bottle £6.90                                            Per Case £82.80
FR-124.   Les Terrasses. Merlot/Syrah. IGP.  Coteaux de L’Ardeche. 2016/17. Vignerons Ardechois.
Soft and ripe red fruits with a touch of black pepper spice, and a long smooth finish, with polished tannins.
Per Bottle £5.45                                            Per Case £65.40
FR-114.    Cabernet Sauvignon. Les Classiques. IGP. Coteaux de L’Ardeche. 2016/17. Vignerons Ardechois.            
Deep red colour with an intense and fruity nose, evoking blackcurrant and dried fruit aromas (sultanas and prunes). Its roasted notes boost the rounded tannins.
Per Bottle £5.95                                            Per Case £71.40
FR-113.   Syrah. Les Classiques. IGP. Coteaux de L’Ardeche. 2016/17. Vignerons Ardechois.
Aromatic with mild spices and a hint of liquorice. A characterful full-bodied wine with well-developed tannins.
Per Bottle £5.95                                            Per Case £71.40
FR-117.   Pinot Noir. Les Buis d’Aps. IGP.  Coteaux de L’Ardeche. 2016/17. Vignerons Ardechois
The ruby red colour reveals ripe fruit aromas and spicy notes. This is an elegant wine, slightly oaky with velvet tannins.
Per Bottle £7.65                                            Per Case £91.80
FR-001.   Bergerac Rouge. AC. Merlot/Cabernet. Grand Lanzenac. 2016/17. Sigoules
With Cabernet characteristics and a well-developed bouquet this is a generous well-rounded wine with a full nose. An easy drinking style with lots of panache.
Per Bottle £5.95                                            Per Case £71.40
FR-018.   The Original Malbec. Vin de France. 2014/15. Couleurs D’Aquitaine
From the birth place of the Malbec enjoy this fruity and medium bodied wine which is unusually supple and easy drinking. Excellent value for this increasingly popular varietal.
Per Bottle £5.70                                            Per Case £68.40
FR-017.   Cahors. AC. Chateau du Cedre. Prestige. 2012/14.Verhaeghe et Fils.
90% Malbec and 10% Merlot. Classical fermentation and oak aged for 15 months. A supple, juicy, fruity wine with soft tannins. Aromatic with a full-bodied palate. A classy wine with great style, fine-grained tannins, and without dominance of alcohol or oak.
Per Bottle £12.25                                          Per Case £147.00
FR- 460.  Saint Chinian. A.C. Clos des Bagatelle. A l’Origine. 2016/17. Cave de Vignerons. 
Soft fruits of Grenache and Syrah produce juicy fruit and wild herb aromas. Rich, complex and full bodied with lingering flavours on the palate.
 Per Bottle £8.70                                           Per Case £104.40
FR-464.  Corbieres. AC. Chateau La Bastide. 2015/16. G. Durand.
Powerful, mouth filling wine; round and spicy, which is pleasantly aromatic. Produced from vielles vignes. 80% Shiraz together with Grenache and Carignan.
Per Bottle £8.15                                            Per Case £97.80
FR-106.   Carignan. De Chansac Old Vines. IGP de L’Herault.  2016/17.
Don’t like Carignan? This is a revelation! Light and soft with rich brambly berry fruits in the mouth, yet deeply coloured. A generous quaffable wine with flavours of black cherry and raspberry, and a little spice.
Per Bottle £6.60                                            Per Case £79.20

Winelist updated April 2018

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