The wines of Italy - Sicilia (Sicily) - Sardegna (Sardinia)

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IT-193.     Chianti. Vigneti Conti Serristori. DOCG. 2015/16. Serristori.
Cherry red, light fruity wine from Tuscany. Good balance between fruit and tannins.
Per Bottle £6.65                                            Per Case £79.80
IT-978.     Chianti. La Pieve. DOCG. 2013/14. Fortebraccio.
A bouquet of fruits and violets. It has flavours of rich plums and a note of leather. It is well structured with good tannin and acid balances.
Per Bottle £10.95                                          Per Case £131.40
IT-189.     Chianti Classico. DOCG. 2013/14. Solatio Del Tani. Machiavelli.
Modern fruity Chianti, which is spicy and opulent. Full, perfumed and long lived. Outstanding quality from the famous “Antiche Fattoria di Sante Andrea” house.
Per Bottle £11.40                                          Per Case £136.80
IT-036.     Cancellaia di Riparbella. IGT. Super Tuscan. 2010. Pakravan-Papi.
Delightfully sweet, spicy bouquet with vanilla notes. A firm concentrated wine, intensified further by wood typical of the region. There are ripe tannins leading to a long finish.
Per Bottle £15.75                                          Per Case £189.00
 IT-949.    Toscana Corbaia. IGT. 2009/11. Castello di Bossi.
The attack is solid and powerful with a rich blend of herbs and spice on the nose. There is a concentration of fine tannins with opulent ripe fruit and good acidity. One of the original super Tuscans.
Per Bottle £45.00                                          Per Case £540.00
IT-161.     Orvieto Classico.Secco  DOC. 2015/16. Bigi. Tuscany.
Fresh, light fruit appeal. Dry, clean and refreshing with classic almond finish.
Per Bottle £5.95                                            Per Case £71.40
IT-181.     Frascati Secco. DOC. 2015/16. Fontana Candida.
Trebbiano grapes give fresh crispness and the Malvasia depth of fruity flavours.
Per Bottle £6.75                                            Per Case £81.00
IT-033.     Grechetto. Strozzavolpe. IGP. 2015/16. Dell’ Umbria. Bigi.
Fine elegant bouquet with a fragrance of exotic fruits. It is well balanced, fresh and velvety with a clean aftertaste of peach kernels.
Per Bottle £6.15                                            Per Case £73.80


IT-728.     Vignaruja. Cannonau di Sardegna. DOC. 2013/14. Sardinia.
Cannonau (Grenache) is intensely ruby red with light purple tones. It has a vinous bouquet with a dry, full-bodied persistent taste. Good fruit and soft tannins.
Per Bottle £8.95                                            Per Case £107.40
IT-022.     Nero D’Avola. Terra Firma. IGT. 2014/15. Sicilia.
Soft,  elegant and relatively full bodied, produced from ripe, rich fruits. A robust wine with spice and fruit underpinned with oak.
Per Bottle £7.25                                            Per Case £87.00
IT-028.     Nero d’Avola. Ca’ di Ponti. IGT. Sicilia. 2015.
Medium-bodied, spicy wine with aromas of plum and black cherry. The palate of warm, juicy fruit flavours with savoury and light smoky characters, with a hint of bitter chocolate and nip of tannin on the finish.
Per Bottle £5.45                                            Per Case £65.40
IT-587.    Shiraz. Fazio. DOCG. Erice. 2013/14. Luce D’Oriente. Sicilia.
The wine has a delicate bouquet of red berries and vanilla with full, soft, velvety flavours that have hints of fruit and spices.
Per Bottle £9.65                                            Per Case £115.80
IT-727.    Salice Salentino. DOC. Liante. 2013/14. Castello Monaci. Puglia.
Intense and complex bouquet with hints of red fruits, chocolate, and vanilla. Powerful with warm and balanced flavours and an elegant aftertaste of spice and ripe fruit.
Per Bottle £7.95                                            Per Case £95.40
IT-072.     Primtivo Di Manduria. Lu Rappaio. DOP. Masca del Tacco. 2015.
A full bodied style, beautifully balanced rich and smooth, with poise and refinement. It has an intense bouquet of dark berry fruits, with blackcurrants, blackberries and cherries bursting through on the palate.
Per Bottle £9.95                                            Per Case £119.40
IT-059.     Aglianico. IGT. 2011/12. Campania. Terredora.
A beefy, supple, bright red wine full of violets and damsons, and the serious, black-fruited, dense Taurasi.
Per Bottle £11.50                                          Per Case £138.00
IT-013.     Greco Di Tufo. Terredora. Loggia Della Serra. DOC. Campania. 2012/14. Mastroberadino.
An outstandingly elegant, balanced wine with a captivating character of minerals, citrus and honey on the nose. Full bodied with fresh acidity and a persistent aftertaste.
Per Bottle £13.70                                          Per Case £164.40
IT-027.     Grillo. Ca’ di Ponti. IGT. Terre Sicilia. 2015.
Full-flavoured, rounded white with bags of character. A honeyed, spicy nose with hints of ginger and stone fruit. Ripe apricot characters on the palate with a creamy texture; lightly nutty on the finish.
Per Bottle £5.15                                            Per Case £61.80

IT-011.     Sangiovese Del Rubicone. IGT. Le Altane. 2015/16. Romagna. Pastrengo.
Fresh, elegant and easy drinking with notes of blackcurrants and ripe strawberries.
Per Bottle £5.15                                            Per Case £61.80
IT-044.     Pinot Noir. Sacchetto.Delle Venezie. IGP. 2015/16.Veneto.
Soft and elegant fruit with an almost American style. A very easy drinking and satisfying wine.
Per Bottle £7.40                                            Per Case £88.80
IT-052.     Valpolicella Superiore. Ripasso. DOC. 2011/12. Cantina di Soave. Rocca Sveva.
Generous, emphatic bouquet featuring rich fruit aromas and a touch of vanilla. Great structure and roundness with an elegant and beautiful balance of silky tannins and a long finish.
Per Bottle £13.45                                          Per Case £161.40
IT-053.     Valpolicella Classico. Ripasso. DOC.2014/15. Lamberti.
The perfume of Morello cherries and vanilla are pronounced and complex. The palate is harmonious, warm and concentrated, with a finish of elegant spices and lingering toasting.
Per Bottle £9.35                                            Per Case £112.20
IT-177.     Amarone. Rocca Sveva. Classico. DOC. 2009. Della Valpolicella.
Powerful wine with very rich raisins and a hint of bitter almonds. A superb, intense wine.
Per Bottle £32.50                                          Per Case £390.00
IT-178.     Barolo. DOCG. 2010/12. Piemonte. Abbona. Figili.
Robust, rich yet elegant wine. Good structure and style.
Per Bottle £18.50                                          Per Case £222.00
IT-041.     Barbera d’Alba. Marco Porello. DOC. 2015/16. Canale. Mommiano.
There is a splash of purple in the glass with the aromas of cherries followed by a burst of Morello cherry flavour. Robust and well balanced, with hints of vanilla.
Per Bottle £9.90                                            Per Case £118.80
IT-046.     Nebbiolo d’Alba. DOC. Marco Porello. 2013/14.
A light cherry coloured wine with refreshing tones, balanced acidity, and gentle oak adding weight and complexity.
Per Bottle £10.80                                          Per Case £129.60
IT-010.     Trebbiano Del Rubicone. IGT. Le Altane. 2015/16. Romagna. Pastrengo.
Delicate and fresh offering soft flavours of honey and pears.
Per Bottle £5.15                                            Per Case £61.80
IT-944.     Soave Classico. Campo dei Tovi. DOC. 2013/14. Veneto. Inama.
Rated as one of the top 100 wines in the world. A floral, honeyed nose is followed by a ripe, full-bodied mouthful of rich apple, lemon and honey, with a hint of sweet almond on the finish.
Per Bottle £12.50                                          Per Case £150.00
IT-950.     Vulcaia Apres. IGT. 2006/07. Veneto. Inama Azienda Agricola. 37.5cl.
Late harvested Sauvignon Blanc is aged in acacia casks. Sweet acacia honey is supported by lemon acidity, which ensures that the intense flavours are unctuous but never cloying.
Per Half Bottle £13.95                                 Per Case (24) £334.80
IT-160.     Pinot Grigio. Delle Venezie. IGT. 2015/16. Veneto. Vaja.
A rich nutty, dry white wine. Hints of white peach and quince on a crisp, weighty palate.
Per Bottle £5.95                                            Per Case £71.40
IT-170.     Pinot Grigio. Delle Venezie. IGT. 2015/16. Veneto. Belfiore.
Typically dry but refreshingly crisp and zesty.
Per Bottle £5.95                                            Per Case £71.40
IT-166.     Pinot Grigio.  One World Olive Hills. Delle Venezie. IGT. 2014/15.  Veneto.
Rose petals on the nose followed by crisp lemon and pineapple tastes bursting on the tongue. The vibrant palate is light to medium with good acidity.
Per Bottle £5.35                                            Per Case £64.20
IT-070.     Pinot Grigio. Mirabello. IGT. Del Venezie. 2016.
A fresh, dry white wine with gentle floral and citrus aromas. Crisp and delicate on the palate with lightly honeyed fruit balanced by lemony acidity and a fresh finish.
Per Bottle £ 5.55                                           Per Case £66.60
IT-073.     Sauvignon Blanc. DOC. Friuili Grave. Pitars. 2015. Venezia.
Delicate and aromatic with crisp citrus, tropical fruits and pungent herbs on the nose. An appealingly delicious wine with typical varietal acidity. An historic wine of real character.
Per Bottle £7.95                                            Per Case £95.40
IT-639.     Lugana. DOC. Ca’Maiol. “Prestige”. 2015/16. Lombardy. Walter Contato.
An excellent medium-dry wine from the finest vineyards overlooking Lake Garda. Perfectly balanced, smooth and delicate, with a luscious bouquet and hints of spices and peaches. Vibrant, juicy and complex.
Per Bottle £10.60                                          Per Case £127.20
IT-034.     Gavi di Gavi. DOCG. 20115/16. Marco Bonfante.
Apples and blossom on the nose, and steely and elegant on the palate with a refreshing acidity and a pleasing length. Harmonious and persistent flavours.
Per Bottle £10.65                                          Per Case £127.80
IT-967.     Pinot Grigio Blush. Delle Venezie. IGT. 2015/16. Veneto. Vaja.
A pretty salmon coloured rose wine, which is dry but very fruity.
Per Bottle £6.05                                            Per Case £72.60
IT-171.     Pinot Grigio Blush. Delle Venezie. IGT. 2015/16. Veneto. Belfiore.
Per Bottle £6.05                                            Per Case £72.60
IT-071.     Pinot Grigio Blush. Principato. IGT. Delle Venezie. 2016.                            
Light, crisp and refreshing on the palate. Short fermentation on the skins gives this modern-style Pinot Grigio a delicate pink-coppery colour.  There is an intense aroma with an harmonious and fruity taste with notes of peach.
Per Bottle £5.75                                            Per Case £69.00

Winelist updated June 2017

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