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FR-014.   Muscadet de Sevre et Maine. Sur Lie. AC. 2016/17. Pierre Lieubeau.
Gneiss de Bel Abord. Traditionally produced, this is one of those delightfully dry Muscadets’ so seldom found. Clean, fresh and fruity. A regular medal winner. In organic conversion.
Per Bottle £7.25                                            Per Case £87.00
FR-014A.               Per Half Bottle £3.95                                   Per Case (24) £94.80
FR-015.   Muscadet de Sevre et Maine. Sur Lie. AC. 2016/17. Pierre Lieubeau.
Domaine de La Fruitiere Bottled straight off its ‘lees’, giving a slight “tingle on the tongue.” It is intensely flavoured with great minerality.
Per Bottle £7.25                                            Per Case £87.00
FR-015A.               Per Half Bottle £3.95                                   Per Case (24) £94.80
FR-013.   Muscadet de Sevre et Maine. Sur Lie. AC. Fruitiere. Grande Reserve. 2015/16. Lieubeau.
Rich and complex with great minerality from the estates 50-year-old vines. Older Muscadet really surprises.
Per Bottle £8.10                                            Per Case £97.20
FR-417.   Vouvray. AC. Les Coteaux Tufiers. Demi-Sec 2016/17. 
A light fruity style of Chenin Blanc, with a trace of sweetness fading to a dry finish. A wine for all occasions, and very easy drinking.
Per Bottle £8.10                                            Per Case £97.20
FR-027.   Sauvignon de Touraine. AC. Domain de la Rablais. Antoine Simoneau. 2016/17.
Bright yellow in colour, revealing intense citrus fruit aromas and flavours. Subtle and delicate on the palate. Great value Sauvignon blanc; the fruits jump out of the bottle.
Per Bottle £7.15                                            Per Case £85.80
FR-415.   Pouilly Fume. AC. Les Cornets. Domaine Cailbourdin. 2016/17. 
Exceptional finesse with great character. Good fruity palate backed with a touch of steel.
Per Bottle £12.10                                          Per Case £145.20
FR-744.   Sancerre. AC. Domaine. Dezat. 2016/17.
A wine with truly outstanding depth of taste and richness. Crisp, lively and exhilarating.
Per Bottle £12.15                                          Per Case £145.80
FR-744A.               Per Half Bottle £6.55                                   Per Case (24) £157.20
FR-022.   Menetou Salon. AC. Domaine Henry Pelle. Morogues. 2011/15.
Per Bottle £13.45                                          Per Case £161.40
FR-941.   Anjou Blanc. AC. Chateau de La Roulerie. Chenin Sec. 2012/13. P. Germain.
Intensely powerful striking and fresh with a fine bouquet, smooth balance and silky attack. No perceptive acidity. Dry fruit aromas lead to a long finish. Decant it and enjoy the experience.
  Per Bottle £10.45                                        Per Case £125.40
FR-892.   Savennieres. AC. Domaine du Petit Metris. 2009/15. Clos de la Marche.
One of the world’s greatest dry Chenin Blanc wines. The nose exhibits apricots, quince and citrus fruit, enhanced by mineral characters.  The palate is smooth, rich and clean with a long, lively finish.
Per Bottle £13.45                                          Per Case £161.40
FR-942.   Coteaux du Layon. AC. Chateau de La Roulerie. 2004/12. P. Germain.
Soft textured, sweet, medium bodied wine, with peachy fruit and impeccable balance.
Per Bottle £13.65                                          Per Case £163.80
FR- 074. Chaume. Coteaux du Layon. AC. Chateau de La Roulerie. 50 cl. 2009.
One of the undisputed great sweet wines. Rich, smooth and persistent, its naturally high acidity imparts great longevity.
Per 50cl Bottle £22.95                                 Per Case (24) £550.80
FR-470.   Sancerre Rose. AC. Domaine  Dezat. 2016/17.
Pale salmon colour, crisp and dry with lots of fruit. It has a long smooth finish. One of the best from this region. Dezat is a great character, known locally as “le p’tit d”.
Per Bottle £12.15                                          Per Case £145.80
FR-996.   Anjou Rouge. AC. Chateau de La Roulerie. 2011/12. Germain-Saincrit.
Magnificent deep red with an enticing bouquet of fruits of the forest. A truly exceptional Loire Cabernet; rich, round, supple and elegant yet forceful with sweet tannins.
Per Bottle £9.30                                            Per Case £111.60
FR- 471.  Sancerre Rouge. AC. Domaine Dezat. 2016/17.
Distinctive nose with a hint of truffles. Round, full and well balanced with an aromatic palate.
Per Bottle £12.15                                          Per Case £145.80

Winelist updated April 2018

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