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The wines of New Zealand

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NZ-086.   Sauvignon Blanc. Jane Hunter 2018/19. Marlborough.
A world-famous wine which features at the head of every cuisine tasting. A classic Marlborough wine - aromatic, oily, smooth textured with rich fruit and alcoholic freshness.
Per Bottle £12.10                                          Per Case £145.20
NZ-434.   Sauvignon Blanc. Spring Creek Estate. 2018/19. Marlborough.
Crisp, fresh and lively, with ripe passion fruit, gooseberry, and lime flavours that flow well to a dry lingering finish.
Per Bottle £10.50                                          Per Case £126.00
NZ-006.   Sauvignon Blanc. Brook Ridge. 2018/19. Hunter Estates. Marlborough.
Subtle aromas of lemon, grapefruit and spices, with a hint of tropical fruits. Finishes with good verve.  Ideal with shellfish, pesto, Thai spices, and modern tapas.
Per Bottle £9.85                                            Per Case £118.20
NZ-439.   Sauvignon Blanc. Old Coach Road. Seifried Estate. 2018/19. Nelson.
Masses of fruit and style. Crisp and herbaceous.
Per Bottle £10.95                                          Per Case £131.40
NZ-008.    Sauvignon Blanc. Southern Lights. 2019/20. Marlborough,
Fresh and vibrant, with passion fruit, gooseberry, and melon characters. There is a balanced richness of the fruit and an intense depth of flavor
Per Bottle £9.45                                            Per Case £113.40
NZ-016.   Sauvignon Blanc. Waverider. 2018/19. Marlborough.
A crisp wine with tropical flavours and a clean lingering finish.
Per Bottle £8.60                                            Per Case £103.20
NZ-070.   Chardonnay. Jane Hunter. 2017/18. Marlborough.
Good Chardonnay complexity. A truly elegant wine with subtle oak and impeccable balance. Ripe fruit and herbaceous character. Outstanding!!
Per Bottle £15.55                                          Per Case £186.60
NZ-440.   Chardonnay. Old Coach Road. Seifried Estate. 2015/18. Nelson.
Great flavours, balance and style. Gold medal winner in International wine challenge.
Per Bottle £10.95                                          Per Case £131.40
NZ-500.   Gewurztraminer. Seifried Estate. 2017/18. Nelson.
A delightful example of this varietal in a semi dry style. Intensely flavoured with exotic spicy lychee fruit.
Per Bottle £12.55                                          Per Case £150.60
NZ-087.   Gewurztraminer. Jane Hunter. 2017/18. Marlborough.
Per Bottle £15.15                                          Per Case £181.80
NZ-004.   Gruner Veltliner. Seifried Estate. 2017/18. Nelson.
Ripe stone fruit and incense notes on the nose. Generous flavours on the palate have touches of white pepper, with clean mineral acidity.
Per Bottle £12.50                                          Per Case £150.00
NZ-652.   Riesling. Jane Hunter. 2016/17. Marlborough.
Per Bottle £12.45                                          Per Case £149.40
NZ-005.   Riesling. “Sweet Agnes”. 37.5cl. Seifried Estate. 2016/17.  Nelson.
Succulent and appealing with an intense nose and a luscious palate. Pure acidity leaves a clean finish.
Per Half Bottle £15.00                                 Per Case (12) £180.00
NZ-089.   Riesling “Hukapapa”. 37.5cl. 10%. Jane Hunter.2014. Marlborough.
Specially selected fruit was freeze concentrated producing a rich sweet palate balanced by natural acidity.
Per Half Bottle £13.80                                 Per Case (12) £165.60
NZ-678.  Pinot Noir. Seifried Estate. 2017/18. Nelson.
Ruby-hued, the wine is supple with raspberry, spice and slightly earthy tastes. It shows a touch of complexity with gentle oak.
Per Bottle £14.35                                          Per Case £172.20
NZ-239.   Pinot Noir. Jane Hunter. 2016/17. Marlborough.
Dense plum red colour with a lifted varietal nose showing violets, plum cherry and spice notes with subtle oak background.
Per Bottle £14.15                                          Per Case £169.80
NZ-435.   Pinot Noir. Spring Creek Estate. 2015/16. Marlborough.
Ruby-hued, mid weight, with ripe cherry and spice flavours with a touch of complexity.
Per Bottle £12.85                                          Per Case £154.20
NZ-015.   Pinot Noir. Nika Tiki. 2014/15. Babich. Marlborough.
Red berries dominate the nose while the palate reveals essences of cherries and plums. Fruit driven style with spicy oak characters.
Per Bottle £10.95                                          Per Case £31.40
NZ-012.   Merlot. Sileni Cellar Selection. 2016/17. Hawke’s Bay.
Rich blackberry and plum characters dominate the palate which is silky and rounded. There are layers of cinnamon, mushroom and tobacco in the mouth, leading to a lingering finish.
Per Bottle £10.40                                          Per Case £124.80

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