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FR-938.   Cotes du Rhone. AC. 2018/19. Domaine Berthet-Rayne. 
A very fine dark red wine with a fruity nose reminiscent of ripe fruit, pear, and strawberry jam. The tannins blend well with a smooth palate, which has a finish of spices and vanilla. Organic production.
Per Bottle £9.50                                            Per Case £114.00
FR-041.   Cotes du Rhone. AC. Chateau de Domazan. 2016/17. Chauderac.
A mixture of traditional grape varieties produces this dark luminous wine with fine structure and a confident finish. Quite delicious and very consistent.
Per Bottle £9.10                                            Per Case £109.20
FR-041A.               Per Half Bottle £4.95                                   Per Case (24) £118.80
FR-780.   Cairanne. Cotes du Rhone Villages. AC. Domaine Berthet-Rayne. 2016/18. Organic production 
An intense red wine with purplish-blue tinges. Elegant, powerful and generous with a long finish, exhibiting the characteristics of some of the finest Chateauneuf du Pape wines.
Per Bottle £15.10                                          Per Case £181.20
FR-545.   Rasteau. Cotes du Rhone Villages. AC. 2015/16. Domaine La Soumade.
This unfiltered wine is truly outstanding. Warm and full bodied with a very delicate nose. Organic production.
Per Bottle £15.20                                          Per Case £182.40
FR-171.   Crozes Hermitage. AC. 2015/17. Cave de Tain. 
Expressive red and black fruits vying for attention on the nose. The Shiraz palate is well constructed, all in harmony, with   a slightly spicy edge, the fruit rolling along well throughout.
Per Bottle £15.00                                          Per Case £180.00
FR- 046.  Sablet. Cotes du Rhone Villages. AC. Domaine La Roubine. 2017/18. Eric Ughetto.
Full-bodied and smooth, a crowd-pleasing red wine that delivers considerable fruit and spice flavours. Ripe, perfumed dark fruit on the nose, a creamy palate with fresh, defined fruit characters on the finish.
Per Bottle £13.45                                          Per Case £161.40
FR-048.    Vacqueyras. AC. Domaine La Roubine. 2017/18. Eric Ughetto.
Very complex spectacular wine with a very deep purple colour. It is intense with notes of gentian, liquorice, Cyprus trees and pink pepper. It Is powerful and well-structured with dense tannins.
Per Bottle £15.80                                          Per Case £189.60
FR-047.   Gigondas. AC. Domaine La Roubine. 2017/18. Eric Ughetto.
Velvety purple with the bouquet of woodland plants followed by a smooth taste of fruit, truffles and vanilla. Now drinking well and has excellent cellaring potential.
Per Bottle £17.40                                          Per Case £208.80
FR-939.   Chateauneuf du Pape. AC. Tradition. Domaine Berthet-Rayne. 2016. Organic production
An impressive quasi-modern style with deep colour, evidence of oak casking and a full body.  There is a good balance between the wood and concentrated notes of black cherries and fruits. Organic production.
Per Bottle £20.35                                          Per Case £244.20
FR-940.   Chateauneuf du Pape. AC. Domaine Berthet-Rayne. 2015/16. Oak aged. Organic production.
Serious juice that enchants with its peppery, liquorice and plum complexity. Succulent red fruit maintains elegance; there is a fresh balance of ripe flavours and generous sweet oak aromas.
Per Bottle £22.75                                          Per Case £273.00
FR-953.   Chateauneuf du Pape.  AC. Cuvee Cadiac. 2016. Christian Berthet-Rayne.
A blockbuster red that is like an iron fist in a velvet glove. Magnificent serious wine in a seductive presentation. Concentrated black fruits and hints of mineral, chocolate, toast, and with a smoky complexity. Organic production.
Per Bottle £31.15                                          Per Case £373.80
 FR-546.  St Joseph. AC. La Gloriette. Vieilles Vignes. 2013/16. B. Faurie.
One of the Rhone classics with very limited availability. Elegant and refined with subtle aromas of raspberry, blackcurrant and pepper.
Per Bottle £25.15                                          Per Case £301.80
FR-152.   Cote Rotie. AC. 2012/15. Reviniscence. Philippe Faury.
Deep purple Syrah colour, powerful nose of spicy black cherries. Firm palate of refined fruits. A wine with an approachable character.
Per Bottle £35.95                                          Per Case £431.40
FR- 507.  Hermitage. AC Cuvee Greffieux/Bessard. 2014. Bernard Faurie.
Per Bottle £55.80                                          Per Case £669.60
FR-779.   Cairanne. Cotes du Rhone Villages. AC. Domaine Berthet-Rayne. 2017/18. Organic production.
Produced from all eight of the recognized regional grape varieties, individually fermented in small barriques. A brilliant wine with golden hues. The nose is intensely floral, fruity and complex with scents of flowers and saffron. Elegant with tastes of dried apricots and almonds.
Per Bottle £15.10                                          Per Case £181.20
FR-943.   Chateauneuf du Pape Blanc. AC .2018/19. Domaine Berthet-Rayne.
Much sought after intense and complex wine. There is a delicate flowery bouquet topped with touches of apricot and lemon. Elegant and fresh, it is very well balanced and pleasing on the palate
Per Bottle £23.70                                          Per Case £284.40
FR-378.   Condrieu. AC. Tradition. 2015. Lionel Faury.
This delicious, honeyed and exquisitely fruity wine is made from 100% Viognier grapes. 
Per Bottle £31.15                                          Per Case £373.80
FR-423.   Muscat de Beaumes de Venise. AC. Domaine de Durban. 2013. Mme. Leydier.  15%
Handpicked grapes and a cold fermentation produces a fine delicate wine with characters of almonds and apricots. The most elegant of sweet fortified wines.
Per Half Bottle £10.70                                 Per Case (24) £256.80
FR-422.   Cotes de Provence Rose. AC. Cru Classe. Chateau Roubine. 2018/19. V. Rousselle
This deliciously fine and delicate Rose is made mainly from the local Tibouren grape variety and is produced in one the oldest French vineyards. Night harvesting results in a crisp vitality, making it a perfect aperitif. The perfect bottle of Rose.
Per Bottle £17.10                                          Per Case £205.20
FR-006.   Cotes de Provence Rose. AC. 2018/19.  Le Beauchamp. Mommessin.
Salmon pink with purple tints, this wine combines fun with seriousness. It has a fruity nose of small red berries, and on the palate it is supple, showing harmony and excellence. An easy quaffing style.
Per Bottle £11.45                                          Per Case £137.40

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