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Romanian red and white wine

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RO-003.  Paparuda Pinot Noir. Estate selection. 2015/16.

Delightful light ruby coloured wine with layers of ripe berry fruits, a core of oak ageing and a lively and vibrant character. Fresh and crunchy with hints of spice. An easy drinking pleasure.
Per Bottle £6.40                                            Per Case £76.80
RO-004. Paparuda Syrah. Estate Selection. 2014/15.
Dark, purple, intensely coloured Syrah.  Elements of spice, pepper and black fruit all add to the charm and complexity.  A full-bodied, food-friendly red to go with meats or cheese.
Per Bottle £6.40                                            Per Case £76.80
RO-001. Paparuda Pinot Grigio. Estate Selection. 2014/15.
Clean, crisp and softly aromatic with aromas of white fruits and blossom.  The finish is clean, balanced and pleasantly mouth-watering. A great Pinot full of ripe honeyed fruit. It will keep you coming back for more.
Per Bottle £6.40                                            Per Case £76.80
RO-002. Paparuda Sauvignon Blanc. Estate Selection.2014/15.
An intense and focused aroma of juicy tropical and ripe citrus fruits. Unmistakably exuberant Sauvignon, with a subtle old world style.  Clean, correct, cleansing finish.
Per Bottle £6.40                                            Per Case £76.80
MO-001. Pinot Grigio. Waters Edge. Moldova.
Crisp and refreshing with citrus and green apple notes. 
Per Bottle £5.55                                            Per Case £66.60

Winelist updated June 2017

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