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SP-381.                   Rioja Vega. Sin Crianza. 2015/16. Bodegas Muerza.
Soft and fruity with flavours of plums and blackcurrants. Vibrant and juicy, this is a young (joven) wine, made without oak, to be drunk early to appreciate its lively fruit. From a forward looking winery that has invested a lot of money in recent years.
Per Bottle £5.65                                               Per Case £67.80
SP-382.                   Rioja Vega. Crianza. 2013/14. Bodegas Muerza.
Good fruit with underlying oak characteristics. Fragrant and juicy with a velvet palate and a great structure leading to a smooth finish. Tasted by Robert Parker and awarded 89 points.
Per Bottle £7.80                                            Per Case £93.60
SP-382A.               Per Half Bottle £4.20                                  Per Case (24) £100.80
SP-018.                   Rioja Vega. “G G”. 2015/16.  Semi-Crianza. Bodegas Muerza.
A careful blend of equal parts of Garnacha and Graciano produces this flavoursome balanced wine. It has remarkable acidity, and soft tannins resulting from a stay in oak casks.
Per Bottle £6.50                                            Per Case £78.00
SP-943.                   Rioja Vega. Reserva. 2011/12. Bodegas Muerza.
Ripe cherry and intensely coloured. A complex bouquet of leather, tobacco, balsamic and spices, reflecting the contribution of the oak ageing. Delicious, stylish and warm on the palate. Fleshy and well balanced.
Per Bottle £11.05                                          Per Case £132.60
SP-019.                   Rioja Vega. Gran Reserva. 2009/10. Bodegas Muerza.
Notes of ripe fruits, compote and aromas of cinnamon and vanilla lead to a full rich warm palate. The finish shows toasted hints from the thirty months oak aging. An unctuous wine with a great mid palate and a long aftertaste.
Per Bottle £13.50                                          Per Case £162.00
SP-007.                   Marques De Murrieta Tinto. Reserva. 2008/11.
Ruby colour with aromas of cherry, red fruits and hints of tobacco and spice. Medium bodied and well balanced with ripe red fruits with subtle hints of oak. 
Per Bottle £15.25                                          Per Case £183.00
SP-015.  Castillo Y’gay. Gran Reserva Especial. Marques de Murrieta. 2004/05
Deep crimson-colored, offering an enticing perfume of cedar, earth notes, and black fruits. It is a supple-textured, layered wine with ample black cherry, spice, and blackberry flavours.
Per Bottle £57.95                                          Per Case £695.40
SP-380.                   Rioja Vega. Blanco. 2015/16. Bodegas Muerza.
Fresh, fruity, and well balanced. Clean and bright with flavours of grapefruit, pears and tropical fruits.
Per Bottle £5.75                                            Per Case £69.00
SP-038.                   Rioja Vega Tempranillo Blanco. 2015/16. Barrel Fermented. Limited Production.
Complex and expressive on the nose with intense notes of tropical fruits and delicate aromas of flowers and herbs. It has a silky texture from the oak aging. An unctuous attack develops into fresh citrus flavours. Little known indigenous white Tempranillo clone.
Per Bottle £9.50                                            Per Case £114.00
SP-533.                   Rioja Murrieta. Blanco. Capellania. 2010/11. Marques de Murrieta.
Seventeen months in oak has produced a soft creamy vanilla on the palate. This is the definitive white Rioja. Golden colour with a heady nose of ripe fruit and a palate of apricots and nuts.
Per Bottle £15.95                                          Per Case £191.40

SP-746.                   Tempranillo. Pleno Tinto. DO. 2015/16.  Principe de Viana.
Very easy drinking with fruity aromas. In the mouth it is round, fresh with good structure.
Per Bottle £5.10                                            Per Case £61.20
SP-517.  Principe de Viana. Crianza. DOC. 2013/14.
A lovely nose of blackcurrant fruit and hints of chocolate and vanilla. Full bodied and dry with soft berry flavours. Tempranillo, Merlot, and Cabernet are carefully matured in American oak.
Per Bottle £6.60                                            Per Case £79.20
SP-008.                   Albret Crianza. 2012/13. DOC. Bodegas Finca Albret.
A great, powerful, enveloping attack, with intense aromas of wild berries, combining with red fruit and subtle notes of cocoa and coffee. The oak is well assembled and the finish is tasty, complex and persistent.
Per Bottle £8.50                                            Per Case £102.00
SP-009.                   Albret Reserva. 2010/11. DOC. Bodegas Finca Albret.
Dominant flavours of dark wild berries produce a creamy personality, and a very pleasant smooth texture. There are aromas of cherry liqueur and ripe fig paste. There is persistent dark chocolate, rosemary, and roasted coffee.
Per Bottle £10.50                                          Per Case £126.00
SP-041.    Albret. La Vina de mi Madre. Cabernet Sauvignon. 2010/11. Limited Production.
Aged in French oak for 21 months there is an expressive and powerful bouquet of black fruits, vanilla, chocolate and tobacco. It is a complex balanced wine with fruit flavours and integrated wood. There is a lingering elegant aftertaste.
Per Bottle £15.50                                          Per Case £186.00
SP-745.                   Viura. Pleno Blanco. DO. 2015/16. Principe de Viana.
Bright straw yellow. It is smooth, fresh, dry and well balanced with delicate fruity notes.
Per Bottle £5.10                                            Per Case £61.20
SP-519.                   Chardonnay. DOC. 2015/16. Principe de Viana.
Intense tropical fruit and oak on the nose. The palate is dry, and packed with fruit and evident oak. Superb value for a barrel fermented wine.
Per Bottle £6.30                                            Per Case £75.60
SP-010.                   Chardonnay. Vendimia Tardia. DO. 2012/14.  Principe de Viana.
Deeply complex with notes of pineapple, apricot, quince, orange peel and rosemary honey. Classic barrel ferment notes of vanilla, recently toasted almonds and dried figs. A wine full of life and brimming with fruit with a deep unctuous mouth feel.
Per 50cl Bottle £9.90                                     Per Case (24) £237.60
SP-755.                   Garnacha. Pleno Rosado. DO. 2015/16. Principe de Viana.
Bright raspberry pink. Very fresh on the nose with aromas of fruits and flowers. Well balanced with mouth-filling flavours.
Per Bottle £5.10                                            Per Case £61.20
SP-869.                   Cabernet Sauvignon Rosado. DOC. 2015/16. Principe de Viana.
A luscious, easy drinking rose with amazing raspberry and summer fruit flavours. Well balanced with pronounced Cabernet characteristics. A style, demanding glass after glass.
Per Bottle £6.30                                            Per Case £75.60

SP-027.                   Godello. Casa Moreiras. D.O. 2015/16. Ribera Sacra.
Straw yellow coloured wine with greenish reflections. Pale, clean and bright. Intense aromas of ripe fruit (apples and apricots) mixed with fresh herbs and light floral notes. The attack is soft, with a good structure, and well-integrated acidity. It is balanced and fresh with a persistent fruity aftertaste
Per Bottle £8.25                                            Per Case £99.00
SP-035.                   Txakolina Getatako Rezabel. DO. 2014/15. Chacoli del Guetaria.
Unusual Hondarrabi grape varieties produce a dry delicate wine with tenuous tropical hints and white flowers. Crisp and delicious with a slight “salty tang”.
Per Bottle £10.75                                          Per Case £129.00
SP-028.                   Albarino. Colleita de Martis. DO. 2015/16. Rias Baixas. Santiago Roma
Bright straw coloured, with scents of balsamic and bay leaves, together with notes of eucalyptus and ripe apples. The palate is full flavoured evoking fresh cut grass and hints of lemon. Gentle acidity produces a soft, delicate and elegant wine.
Per Bottle £8.50                                            Per Case £102.00
SP-042.                   Albarino DO. 2015/16. Rias Baixas. Santiago Roma.
Exhilarating Albarino. There is a very attractive balance with peachy tropical fruits with subtle hints of eucalyptus and ripe apples, leading to a great finish.
Per Bottle £8.85                                            Per Case £106.20
SP-043.                   Albarino. DO. Seleccion. 2015/16. Rais Baixas. Santiago Roma.
If you enjoy Sancerre, Gavi and other classic whites we urge you to try this thrilling Albarino, produced from vines more than 40 years old. On the nose there is dry eucalyptus, fresh citrus and acacia. Clean grape juice on the palate finishing with a touch of balsamic laurel. Very limited production.
Per Bottle £10.60                                          Per Case £127.20

SP-037.                   Priorat. Les Pusses Crianza. DOC. 2013/14. Mas de les Pusses.
Sensual aromas of balsamic, ripe red fruit and berries lead to flavours of liquorice, toffee, aniseed and chocolate. Wood ageing gives some spicy notes, and a long lasting finish.
Per Bottle £9.35                                            Per Case £112.20

SP-040.                   Tempranillo. El Rincon de Clunia. 2012/13.
An impressive array of red and black fruit aromas intertwine with spice, cocoa, cream and cinnamon. There is an intense palate with great concentration and finesse together with sweet tannins. Extremely complex and elegant.
Per Bottle £25.50                                          Per Case £306.00                                                                                                                  
Highlighting an exciting new Malbec from Bodegas Clunia. Wine notes and price to follow. For a 'taster' see the PDF links below.

2015 Clunia Malbec
Spanish Top 100 Wine!

SP-014.   Don PX. Gran Reserva. DO. 1985/10.Toro Albala. 37.5cl. 17%.
Made from sun-dried Pedro Ximenez grapes in Andalucia. 25 years in old oak barrels produces a concentrated deep mahogany brown wine, with aromas of molasses, figs, dates and raisins.
Per Half Bottle £17.25                                 Per Case (12) £207.00

SP-030.       Costaval. Tinto. Joven. DO. Ribera del Duero. 2014/15. Bodegas Escudero.
Intense and deeply coloured with rich aromas of dried flowers and red berries. There is a delicate sweet attack with a range of soft fruity flavours. The combination of fruit and lactic tones produce an impressive finish.
Per Bottle £7.15                                            Per Case £85.80
SP-029.                   Costaval. Tinto Crianza. DO. Ribera del Duero.2012/13. Bodegas Escudero.
There is a whiff of vanilla, spices, new leather and ripe red fruits. It has an elegant gentle attack, with a rich mixture of sweet dark fruits and finely balanced oak
Per Bottle £11.25                                          Per Case £135.00
SP-017.                   Verdejo. Entreflores.  DOC. 2015/16. Rueda. Principe de Viana.
The nose exhibits typical Verdelho tropical fruit notes with a floral lift. An elegant and very rich palate is fleshy and well-structured with an intense finish.
Per Bottle £6.40                                            Per Case £76.80

Winelist updated June 2017

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