The wines of the United States of America

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US-012.   Merlot. Wildwood. 2017/18. California.
An intense, ruby red coloured wine. Aromas of ripe blueberries and cherries lead into intense currant flavours with a hint of vanilla, toasty oak and a soft, velvety finish.
Per Bottle £6.70                                            Per Case £80.40
US-209.   Merlot. Sutter Home. NV. Lodi. California.
Cherry and plum flavours and richly coloured. Slightly spicy with a long finish.
Per Bottle £8.20                                            Per Case £98.40
US-005.  Merlot. Sandstone. Wente Vineyards. 2015. Arroyo Secco.           
Rich varietal characters with hints of currant and soft ripe plum flavours. Aged in small oak barrels, the wine has a smooth velvety texture.
Per Bottle £13.65                                          Per Case £163.80
US-013.   Shiraz. Wildwood. 2017/18. California.
This delicious deep ruby red wine has alluring aromas of ripe blackberries and a touch of spice. On the palate sumptuous blackcurrant with hints of mint tickle the taste buds.
Per Bottle £6.70                                            Per Case £80.40
US-569.   Zinfandel. Sutter Home. NV. Lodi. California.
Ripe, earthy flavours with a peppery spiciness.
Per Bottle £8.20                                            Per Case £98.40
US-788.   Zinfandel. Beyer Ranch. Wente Vineyards. 2015/16. Livermore Valley.
Bursting with spicy aromas and tastes of raspberry and black pepper. Eight months in oak gives hints of wood and tannins, leading to a well-structured smooth and balanced wine.
Per Bottle £13.65                                          Per Case £163.80
US-004.   Cabernet Sauvignon. Southern Hills. Wente Vineyards. 2017. Livermore Valley.
Flavours of cherry and dark plum, with a hint of coffee. Rich yet approachable with a long smooth finish.
Per Bottle £13.65                                          Per Case £163.80
US-578.   Chardonnay. Sutter Home. NV.  Sacramento. California.
Fresh and lively easy drinking style with luscious flavours. Very lightly oaked.
Per Bottle £8.20                                            Per Case £98.40
US-010.   Chardonnay. Wildwood. 2017/18. California.
A youthful wine with aromas of citrus and fresh cut green apples. On the palate, tropical fruit flavours of pineapples, peaches and ripened lemons lead the way to a crisp finish, balanced perfectly by mild acidity.
Per Bottle £6.70                                            Per Case £80.40
US-003.   Chardonnay. Morning Fog. Wente Vineyards. 2018/19. Livermore Valley.
Lush tropical flavours of pineapple and guava mingle with the buttery toasty taste of new oak. Mouth-filling and balanced with a long finish.
Per Bottle £13.65                                          Per Case £163.80
US-118.   Orange Muscat. Quady Essensia. 2016/17. California.
Vibrant orange in colour with sweet oranges and apricots on the palate. Bittersweet marmalade balanced with a fine citric acidity.     
Per Half Bottle £12.60                                 Per Case (12) £151.20
US-111.   Black Muscat. Quady Elysium. 2016/17. California.
Rich berry flavour and a crystalline aroma of rose petal and lychee.
Per Half Bottle £12.60                                 Per Case (12) £151.20
US-006.    Zinfandel Rose. Stallions Leap. 2018/19.
A mouthful of sun-ripened strawberries and red cherries with a long fresh finish. Easy drinking.
Per Bottle £6.60                                            Per Case £79.20
US-011.   Zinfandel Rose. Wildwood. 2018/19 California.
A youthful wine with aromas of fresh cherries and watermelon. On the palate, flavours of juicy ripe strawberries and sweet candy are incredibly sumptuous and moreish.
Per Bottle £6.70                                            Per Case £80.40
US-573.   Zinfandel Rose. Sutter Home. NV. Sacramento. California.
Full flavoured soft summer fruits in a medium style.
 Per Bottle £8.20                                           Per Case £98.40
US-023.   Californian Blush. Waters Edge.  NV.
 Waters Edge is a deliciously easy drinking blush; light and fragrant with a vibrant character full of of watermelon and strawberry flavours.
Per Bottle £7.00                                            Per Case £84.00

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