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The numerical reference before each listing refers to the Bin Number.



SHERRY - Barbadillo

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Founded in 1821 and famous for their Manzanilla Bodegas, Antonio Barbadillo remains today under family control; producing wines of the highest quality.

SP-158.                   Manzanilla de Sanlucar. Barbadillo.
SP-305.                   Fino de Sanlucar. Barbadillo.
Per Bottle £7.40                                            Per Case £88.80
SP-306.                   Amontillado de Sanlucar. Barbadillo
SP-307.                   Cream de Sanlucar. Barbadillo.
SP-308.                  Pale Cream de Sanlucar. Barbadillo
Per Bottle £8.20                                            Per Case £98.40

MADEIRA - D'Oliveiras
Since the beginning of time, people have been saying that nectars belong to the Gods. The strong will, experience and long tradition of the D’Oliveiras family, have accumulated nectars for more than a century and are available to the connoisseur.

For 2018/19 we have older vintages, some more than 100 years old, which are ideal for anniversary celebrations. Details on request.

Priced per Bottle
MA-355.  3-year-old Dry.                       £12.95
MA-356.  3-year-old Medium Dry.        £12.95   
MA-357.  3-year-old Medium Sweet.   £12.95
MA-358.  3-year-old Sweet.                  £12.95   
MA-240.  10-year-old Medium Dry.      £25.50
MA-241.  10-year-old Sweet.                £25.50
MA-242.  15-year-old Dry.                     £34.75   
MA-243.  15-year-old Sweet.                £34.75


MA-002   1993 Boal                                Colheta £49.00
MA-664.  1989 Malvasia                         Colheta £63.25
MA-234.  1977 Tarrantez                       Reserva £112.25
MA-244.  1973 Verdelho                        Reserva £104.65
MA-661.  1973 Boal                                Reserva £143.75
MA-660.  1971 Sercial                            Reserva £118.75
MA-245.  1968 Boal                                Reserva £136.20
MA-247.  1937 Sercial                            Reserva £225.10
Other vintages including wines more than 100 years old are available on request. For the year 2018 we have a good selection of wines suitable for anniversary celebrations

 ** A great opportunity to try one of the oldest fortified wines in the world


Our range of Porto wines are from the prestigious House of RAMOS PINTO a family business established in 1880. All Quintas are rated in the highest A & B categories.

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PO-363.  Ruby Reserve. ‘Collector’ Vintage Character. Ramos Pinto. Unfiltered.
A non-vintage late bottled Port about 6 years old. It offers at a moderate price a wine of considerable fruit and quality. Single Quinta.
Per Bottle £11.60                                          Per Case £139.20
PO-340.  Aperitivo Fine White Reserva. Ramos Pinto.
Made from white grapes, with delicate sweetness and fruitiness.
Per Bottle £12.55                                          Per Case £150.60
PO-331.  Late Bottled Vintage. Ramos Pinto. Unfiltered. 2011/12.
The extended period of wood maturation enables these fine wines to be drunk much earlier.
Per Bottle £14.75                                          Per Case £177.00
PO-369.  Quinta Da Ervamoira. 10-Year-Old Tawny. Ramos Pinto.
Charming Tawny combining freshness and flavour, which only perfect maturity offers.
Per Bottle £22.25                                          Per Case £267.00
PO-362.  Tawny. 20-Year-Old Quinta Do Bom-Retiro. Ramos Pinto.
3% of the wine goes back to the 1880’s, and makes its presence felt like “salt and pepper” in this sweet, rich Porto. It is deliriously delicious and a perfect ambrosial confection.
Per Bottle £38.50                                          Per Case £462.00
PO-368.  Tawny. 30-Year Old. Ramos Pinto.
Per Bottle £57.00                                          Per Case £684.00
AU-042.   Bethany. Old Quarry Tawny. 18.5%. South Australia.
Aged in old oak casks for 10 years, it displays raisin and nutty characters with rich full flavours of dried fruit. Well integrated tannins and brandy spirit.
Per Bottle £14.45                                          Per Case £173.40


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PO-366.  Ramos Pinto. Vintage 1983. Gold medal winner.
Superb, and perfect drinking age.
Per Bottle £61.00                                          Per Case £732.00
PO-364.  Ramos Pinto. Vintage 1985.
From an outstanding year. Excellent value and now showing real character.
Per Bottle £67.00                                          Per Case £804.00
PO-365.  Ramos Pinto. Vintage 1994.
Per Bottle £47.00                                          Per Case £564.00
PO-831.  Ramos Pinto. Vintage 2000.
Will be magnificent
Per Bottle £52.00                                          Per Case £624.00
PO-367.  Quinta do Vesuvio. 1996.
Traditionally produced wines from this estate show immense structure and complexity.
Per 6 bottles in a wooden presentation case £ POA
PO-367A.               Quinta do Vesuvio. 1999.
Per 6 bottles in a wooden presentation case £ POA


Our Cognacs, Armagnacs and Calvados are selected from the family firms of Chateau de Monluc, Maison Dupont and Paul Giraud, who use only the finest alcohols and which are carefully aged in 200-year-old oak casks.

Bin No preceeds wine

FR-587.   Calvados. Domaine Dupont. Vielle Reserve. VSOP. 42%. AOC. Pays D’Auge.
Per Bottle £31.50                                                                             
FR-588.   Calvados. Domaine Dupont. Hors D’Age. 42%. AOC. Pays D’Auge.
Per Bottle £36.25

FR-583.   Fine D’Armagnac. V.S.O.P. Domaine de Monluc 70cl.  40%
Per Bottle £27.95                                         
FR-584.   Armagnac. Hors D’Age. Domaine de Monluc. 70cl. 40%
Per Bottle £35.30

FR-585.   Cognac. Paul Giraud. Grande Champagne. VSOP. 40%. Cognac 1ere Cru.
Per Bottle £32.85
FR-586.   Cognac. Paul Giraud. Grande Champagne. Napoleon. 40%. Cognac 1ere Cru.
Per Bottle £39.85

FR-348.   Pousse Rapiere. Chateau Monluc. 70cl. 24%. Gascony
The original famous Orange and Armagnac liqueur. Try one part to seven with sparkling wine or Champagne. An excellent alternative to Kir or Cointreau.  Sole UK stockists.
Per Bottle £15.95                                          Per Case £191.40                              
FR-343.   Pineau des Charentes. Blanc. Pol Renier.75cl. 17%
Unfermented grape juice blended with Cognac produces a sweet yet refreshing drink. Serve as an aperitif or at any time of the day! (so the locals say).
Per Bottle £13.80                                                     
FR-075.   Grande Creme de Cassis De Bourgogne. 100cl.  16%.
Sumptuously rich and syrupy blackcurrants from Macon. Use for Kir, Kir-Royale or Kir Cardinal, or just pour it over ice-cream!
Per Bottle £13.50                                           

UK-Glen.                Glenfarclas. Highland Single Malt 10 years Scotch Whisky.
Per Bottle £29.99
UK-GIN.  Tarquins Cornish Gin. 70cl. 42%. South West Distillery.             
Per Bottle £25.00
UK-Navy.                Tarquins Seadog Navy Gin. 70cl, 57%. South West Distillery
Per Bottle £33.50
UK-PAS. Tarquins Cornish Pastis. 70cl. 42%. South West Distillery.         
Per Bottle £25.00
UK-SAL. Salcombe Gin. 70cl. Salcombe Distilling Co.                  
Per Bottle £27.50    
Southwestern Distillers website HERE                                        
Misc.   Cornish Orchards Apple Juices and Ciders. Details on request.


Details available on request.

Updated April 2018

'It is of far more importance to select your wine merchant than to select your wine, for a merchant with a reputation to lose will never give you bad advice'